Iman Kindergarten & Childcare Open House

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    23 February (Saturday)

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    10am – 2pm

Prepare Your Child for Madrasah or Secular Primary Education
in a Culture-Rich, Quality Preschool


Dear Parents,

Are you looking for a preschool that gives your child an edge over others in Primary 1?

Research has shown that the foundation built during the preschool years is crucial because it predicts how well your child does in school, all the way up to university.

If you want to give your child:

  • a solid foundation in language and numeracy

  • the chance to become a confident, independent speaker

  • we make learning fun to help your child become a lifelong learner

Iman Kindergarten & Childcare is a great choice for you!

Iman: Where Kids Become SMART Thinkers

  • Founded in 2002, we are now Singapore’s largest and most established preschool and childcare offering Madrasah and Primary 1 preparation.

  • Our strong focus on language, mathematics and thinking skills creates smart problem-solvers

  • We teach our kids to Work Hard and Think Smart


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    23RD FEB 2019 (SAT)

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    10am – 2pm

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    9 locations ISLANDWIDE

Jurong, Simei, Woodlands, Yishun, Pasir Ris, Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, Tenagaville and Tampines (Coming Soon!)

What Can You Expect At Iman Open House?

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    10.00am – 10.30am: Take a teacher-led tour and explore our child-friendly facilities and cosy learning environment, and get your queries answered during this interactive time with our staff.

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    10.30am – 11.30am: Explore and play in our Mini KinderWorkshop that features various activity sations for you and your child to get firsthand experience of our KinderSmart Thinkers Learning system.

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    11.30am – 2.00pm: Enjoy light refreshments and take advantage of our exclusive Open House promo to save $200 on school fees, and receive a goodie bag (worth $30) that contains a free set of uniform, a school bag and a powerbank when you register your child!

Activity Stations At Our Open House


We’ve got an exciting line-up of activities for you and your little ones! Based on two of the most popular titles by award-winning author Eric Carle, our activity stations will be sure to motivate your little ones to put away their devices and enter a world of creativity.

MINI WORKSHOP: KinderMath – An Initiation to Think

Participate in this fun parent-child workshop where we introduce our KinderMath methodology! Explore everyday math through engaging activities that will be sure to excite your little one’s mind and get them counting!


The World of Eric Carle: STATION Highlights

The Hungry Caterpillar

Station 1: KinderMath – Peg Me
Station 2: KinderLiteracy – Feed Mr Caterpillar
Station 3: KinderArt – My Beautiful Butterfly
Station 4: KinderWow – Blot Painting

The Very Busy Spider

Station 1: KinderMath – Where’s My Leg
Station 2: KinderMath – Bring The Spideys Out
Station 3: KinderWow – Spider Oobleck
Station 4: OLE – Giant Spiderweb

Open House Exclusive Promotion

Take $100 off the first 2 months of school fees when you sign your child up for the 2019 intake and
receive an Exclusive Goodie Bag upon successful registration!

The Exclusive Goodie Bag includes:


1 set of uniform


1 school bag


1 power bank

What are you waiting for, join us with your child on
3rd November 2018 for a day of exploration and fun!

Learn With Us!


We offer kindergarten, childcare and enrichment programmes for children from 18 months to 6 years.

*Playgroup is only available at our childcare centres!


Playgroup introduces young toddlers to a host of new experiences as they learn about the world around them through music and movement, free play and the five senses. Simple routines will also be incorporated.


Nursery 1 children will be exposed to more outdoor learning experiences and have fun with make-believe and roleplay as they hone their gross motor skills, exercise their creative mind and foster better social skills like turn-taking and sharing.


Problem solving opportunities and exposure to everyday math give children the chance to develop thinking skills which form a strong foundation of numeracy. Children will learn how to communicate better as they build their vocabulary in both English and Malay.


This programme focuses on developing self- driven learning and curiosity whilst honing the children’s communication skills and mathematic brain. Exposure to real-world situations with hands-on activities, culture talks and field trips develop a broad worldview.


By the end of Kindergarten 2, children will develop the skills needed to excel in Primary 1, having mastered key mathematical concepts and the ability to articulate their thoughts, emotions and opinions logically and convincingly.

Enrichment Programmes


Speech and Drama

Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2

Children are exposed to a world of creativity that will hone their communication skills through roleplaying, songs and more. Watch your child transform into a confident, expressive speaker and writer.


Reading Clinic

Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2

This enrichment programme develops accurate pronunciation, a love of reading and expands your child’s vocabulary bank.

Want to find out more about our programmes?



10am – 2pm

at a centre near you!

Save $200 AND get a free goodie bag (includes a free uniform) when you sign up at the Open House!

How are SMART Thinkers Nurtured?


Can every child be smart?

YES! Our curriculum, the KinderSMART Thinkers Learning System is specially developed to nurture Smart Thinkers by:

1. Bringing out every child’s potential
2. Helping them understand & master key concepts
3. Challenging them to THINK, not just do

Based on the Ministry of Education’s Nurturing Early Learners Curriculum for Preschoolers, KinderSMART is designed to develop your child’s multiple intelligences in 6 key learning domains:

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    Aesthetics and Creative Expression

  • number-2

    Discovery of The World

  • number-3

    Motor Skills Development

  • number-4


  • number-5

    Social and Emotional Development

  • number-6

    Language and Literacy

  • number-1

    Aesthetics and Creative Expression

  • number-2

    Discovery of The World

  • number-3

    Motor Skills Development

  • number-4


  • number-5

    Social and Emotional Development

  • number-6

    Language and Literacy


Experience the KinderSMART Way of Learning at Iman

See what learning the KinderSMART way can do for your child!

Come on down for our complimentary parent-child math workshop and literacy games on 3rd Nov!

What Parents Love About Iman


We are blessed with dedicated teachers who are passionate about nurturing young children - be rest assured when you leave your child with us! Furthermore, all our teachers are qualified and trained in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) according to regulation requirements stipulated by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

Do You Want a Premium Education at an Affordable Price?


Save $200 AND get a free goodie bag (includes a free uniform) when you sign up at our Open House!

  • date-icon-1

    23RD FEB 2019 (SAT)

  • time-icon-1

    10am – 2pm

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    Jurong, Simei, Woodlands, Yishun, Pasir Ris, Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, Tenagaville and Tampines (Coming Soon!)

Here’s What Satisfied Parents Have to Say About Us!


"From being clingy and anxious, my son has now become an expressive and confident boy over the span of just 9 months. We believe this is due to his interactions with his peers in the fun programme and the daily encouragement from his teachers.

The Iman educators never fail to greet the children with a kind hello and a cheerful smile to welcome every child daily. We also applaud the efforts in consolidating the parent- friendly KinderGuide for us parents to use as reference to the Literacy, Numeracy as well as Tunas Iman lessons conducted in school. Very impressive!"

- Parents of Iyas Zafran (Nursery 2)


"Iman Kindergarten has always been my choice for my kids’ pre-school education. Iman offers the best of both worlds - both pre-primary as well as madrasah education. Rifqi’s progress is visible via the songs he sings at home, his confident answers when being questioned, the recitation of doas, surahs, salawat and carrying out his solat. I am also impressed with his ability to do his school tasks independently and being able to socialize extremely well and very generous with his salam.

I love Iman's well-rounded curriculum especially its ‘KinderPresenter’ - a show and tell programme feature that nurtures my child as a confident speaker and a responsive student. All in all, the Iman preschool and its brand of early education is highly commendable!"

- Parents of Muhammad Muqri (Kindergarten 2)

Join Us & Enjoy These Exclusive Open House Promotions


Come on down for a guided centre-tour, mini parent-child KinderMath workshop,
goodie bags, exciting games for your little one & much more!


Enjoy These Exclusive Open House Discounts on 3rd November

  • Take $100 off school fees for the first 2 months (save $200!)

  • Receive an Exclusive Goodie Bag worth $30 upon successful registration!

  • Goodie Bag includes a full set of uniform, a school bag and power bank

Our Locations


Our Locations


IMAN Childcare
Bukit Batok

Blk 277 Bukit Batok East Avenue 3,
#02-373, Singapore 650277


IMAN Childcare

Blk 399 Yung Sheng Rd,
#01-19 Taman Jurong Shopping Centre,
Singapore 610399


IMAN Childcare
Pasir Ris

Blk 148 Pasir Ris Street 13
#01-34, Singapore 510148


IMAN Childcare

Blk 154 Simei Street 1,
#01-75, Singapore 520154


IMAN Childcare

5 Woodgrove Ave,
Singapore 738405


IMAN Kindergarten
Choa Chu Kang

Blk 530 Choa Chu Kang Street 51
#01-323, Singapore 680530


IMAN Childcare
Tampines (Coming Soon!)

Blk 136 Tampines St 11
#01-156 Singapore 521136


IMAN Kindergarten

Blk 651 Jalan Tenaga,
#01-04, Singapore 410651


IMAN Kindergarten

Blk 934 Yishun Central 1
#01-57, Singapore 760934



Drop us an enquiry if you have any questions! We’ll get back to you shortly!

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